Note on Going Forward

Hi there.

It should be really no surprise that this all hasn’t been quite as active as it once was. Since about April (with a particularly busy show at my job), the reviews and articles have slowed from 5 or so a week to one per week, occasionally if that.

It should also be (at least to me) evident that as of late the quality has definitely slipped. I have to be frank that my heart’s not been in this lately. I started a blog to keep my writing going while I was looking for a job in professional film criticism. It’s looking increasingly likely that I won’t be taking that path as I slide into a different role in the worlds of arts.

I love writing and I love discussing film and I still want to do that. It doesn’t feel right to completely shut this down, as I could see a scenario where I write again very quickly. After all, I really really want to write about both The Last Jedi and The Disaster Artist and I will be doing so this week.

But the regular reviews and articles and recaps don’t feel like something that I want to be doing anymore. So I’m not.

Going forward, I’m going to be switching this into something WAY more free-form. I’ll be writing about whatever I want to whenever I want to. While that will still likely mostly mean new movies (it’s what interests me the most), it won’t be in the forms of reviews. I’ll talk about aspects of films, thematic stuff that interests me, performances, issues. I’ll be trying to keep it more positive (I really only like getting in depth about stuff I like), but you know…Downsizing will be coming out. It won’t be as timely either, it may be a couple days later, it may be a week or two later, I want to chew over stuff as I need to. It also means anything consistent (i.e. the SNL recaps) will stop for now until I find something more interesting to do with it.

If you want to keep up with my hot takes, my Twitter is here and my slightly luke-warm takes will be here at Letterboxd. I’ll be discussing all over the place, but this is going to start functioning as long-form thoughts.

Tl;dr: Less/almost no regular reviews or recaps, less timely, less wide-ranging coverage, hopefully more thoughtful pieces about films I want to write. So join later this week for “Why James Franco gives the Best Performance of the Year in The Disaster Artist” and “The Last Jedi and Leaving the Past Behind.”