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Game of Thrones Season 7, Episode 3: The Queen’s Justice

Where Is Everybody?

  • Dragonstone
    • The Song of Ice and Fire begins as Jon and Dany finally meet. A few bum notes get hit as the King in the North and the Mother of Dragons feel each other and their situations out.
  • King’s Landing
    • Euron finally gives a gift to Cersei, which she immediately breaks. The Iron Bank comes to check on its debts.
  • Winterfell
    • Bran gets back from his time abroad and things between him and his commander sister Sansa are a little awkward.
  • Oldtown
    • Sam gets some credit for actually saving Jorah.
  • Narrow Sea
    • Theon gets fished out of the sea.
  • Casterly Rock
    • Under Tyrion’s master plan, the Unsullied take Casterly Rock, but it’s a little too easy…
  • Highgarden
    • As Jaime has taken the forces to take the seat of House Tyrell. Olenna gets one last fuck you in.

What Worked?

It’s shocking to realize how much faster this season of Game of Thrones has been than basically almost ANY other season. It’s not just the fact that the season has 7 episodes and by that virtue needs to be moving through its story at a rapid clip. It feels like the operation of this season is to finally bring everything to fruition and that once this history gets on the march, there is no stopping it.

To say “The Queen’s Justice” is a phenomenal episode simply because so much happens kind of does a disservice to how strong the material here is. There is a thrill in seeing so much happening and in seeing everything we’ve been teasing for 7 seasons actually exploding out. The war has begun.

But it’s because Game of Thrones really is at its best when things are going down. Season 5 was its weakest simply because it spent so much time grinding to a halt and spinning its wheels. When it has forward momentum, the writers, the directors, and the actors really dig in and pull the richest veins of this material.

Take for example the performance of our Lannister Twins. Lena Headey has done extraordinary work since Cersei really slid into full-bore evil queen supervillainy. As she’s started to move towards solidification of her hold on power and her revenge on the whole of the land, Headey has seized on the theatrical evil it takes to achieve to sell the pain and the base pleasures that have always driven Cersei. It’s just strong and interesting work that is based in the move towards the end.

But that forward momentum has also enormously benefited Nikolaj Coster-Waldeau. Jaime has been an underrated portion of this show, but the thread of what exactly to do with him has been lost for some time. But the increasingly rapid march to the end has given him a lot to do outside of Cersei. His scene with Olenna is some of his finest work, that pained look when she tells him that she killed Joffrey is phenomenal. But he finally gets to dig in to his increasingly dark feelings about his sister and his place in a kingdom she rules.

On the whole, that forward momentum also has benefited this show trimming down to the bare essentials. The Tyrells are gone, the Dornish are officially a closed loop, sides are all basically chosen and families are reunited. Basically every scene is moving something forward, creating something or closing something. The show finally feels like it’s able to do the things it’s been setting up forever.

For example, that Jon and Dany meeting. Look, it’s been set up since the beginning. This is the Song of Ice and Fire. It was hard to know what exactly this was going to be when it happened, but the tense and terse back-and-forth feeling each other out, Dany trying to assert and Jon with no patience for anything but his earnest quest, is certainly displaying the show’s capacity to surprise.

These characters are now getting put in place, their situation and preparations for war actually based in the arc that brought them to this place. I’m really impressed with where Game of Thrones has brought itself. A show this huge managing to pull down to the characters is a rare feat.

What Didn’t?

I’m still not entirely sure the failure of Tyrion’s plans is getting narratively justified. Tyrion’s failures as a general are perhaps supposed to be the reasoning, but it’s just not quite set up within what’s actually happening so far. It’s more convenience and moving its pieces than anything else. I’m hoping that’s knocked back into place.

Who Got A Win?

  1. The Lannisters
    • They tactically out-maneuvered their major challengers, took and rebuked one of their biggest defectors, are currently keeping the Iron Bank on their side, and Cersei and Jaime managed to take revenge on both of the people who killed their kids. It’s rare anyone’s had such a good episode.
  2. Jon and Dany
    • While Dany suffered a big set-back, the Jon and Dany partnership took a real huge step-forward by warming up their initially frosty relationship. They’re gonna need a whole hell of a lot more to make this work, but a good first step.
  3. Jorah
    • He got a new shirt!

Who Made A Mistake?

  1. The Sands
    • They’re going to die very slowly and painfully.
  2. Dany and Her Allies
    • Their three largest Houses of supporters have basically been crushed under foot and they wasted soldiers on what appears to be a fool’s endeavor. What a setback.
  3. The Tyrells
    • They died relatively quickly and painlessly.